Welcome to the new look Bondi Baker, where you can cook, eat and play while making beautiful, healthy food. 

The concept of starting a food blog for a culinary challenged gal like me, seemed almost impossible a year ago. After years of living on fad foods, refined sugar and being a long-time victim to the devil of diet coke, I found my stomach had turned into a nasty place that led to a dash to hospital. It was time to step up and take responsibility for my health and transforming my attitude to food was the first place to start. And what better place to take these tentative steps than beautiful Bondi. 

All of us can sometimes get into a contained cycle of habit that seems almost impossible to change so this blog is about taking small, simple steps to using healthy, nutritious ingredients that work for your body. For me, that means predominantly vegan, refined sugar-free and gluten free. I don't have the self-discipline to be a complete food purist, but if you have serious medical condition such as colitis then eating clean can certainly help make this debilitating condition more bearable.

Between you and me, I know the word 'journey' can sound a little bit cringe-worthy but searching for a way to empower ourselves through positive change is an awesome thing. If we can improve our health by creating food that can be shared with other people and enjoyed ourselves, then I am happy to embrace this kind of positive change.

I hope you enjoy a bit of fun with your cooking because that's what you will also find here. I welcome all feedback and please don't forget to comment and share!

Peace, love & happiness, BB xxxx